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November 2018

Interactive Marketing Is A Norm, Not A Trend

Marketing used to be a one-way broadcast message, from brands to consumers. That was until the digital wave and social media came into the picture, and interactive marketing became the norm. If you are a diligent and competent marketer, you should know by now that marketing...

The Ultimate Annual Report Design Guide

Whether you are new to designing annual reports or a seasoned veteran, you could use an annual report design cheat sheet as a guide or checklist.With the waves of digitalisation and creatives landing across every industry, designers of annual reports have to step up to...

Here’s Why eCommerce is The Future of Retail

Ready, Player One?Aside from clever references to pop culture that describe the upcoming wave of online retailers, the highly competitive nature of eCommerce today isn’t one to scoff at.With the sudden influx of e-Commerce sales, brands of all sizes are now scrambling to catch up...

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