Facebook Revolutionising Digital Marketing With AI

The digital marketing industry has seen massive changes over recent years and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rising factor. Because of the expansion of AI, we are able to study and identify consumer trends when crafting marketing strategies. This is vital, as an effective partnership between AI and digital marketing results in a boost for performance and revenue.

In line with the AI rave, Facebook has acquired the genius startup, GrokStyle. Yes, the social media goliath has acquired the entire team behind the savvy invention. By emerging with a one-of-a-kind invention, Grokstyle has helped multinational corporations communicate with its consumers effectively. Their point-and-search functionality earned recognition when it was added to Ikea’s mobile application, Place.

IKEA Place App Store

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Beyond enhancing its AI inventions, the social media platform is on a roll to get new technology to contribute to their AI capabilities. Brands and companies can continually adopt new technology to always be ahead in engaging its audience while exploring and tapping into new territories for digital marketing in the near future.

To fully maximise the use of existing social media features, speak to professionals who can craft a thorough strategy just for you.

So how should I utilise AI in my marketing strategies?

AI has evolved to be beneficial to many industries, as seen by Facebook expanding on AI’s creative abilities to enhance their consumers’ experience. How about you?

Utilise AI for your next email marketing

AI can be effective for your email marketing. Consumers want to know what you have to offer and more importantly, what you have to offer for each individual. With AI, you can now determine what time, day or even what subject line is best for you to gain traction. Above all, AI is now able to identify consumer trends and engage potential subscribers for you.  

Chatbots are the new in-thing

Chatbots is your next best friend when looking to conserve manpower and save costs. Being one of the simplest forms of AI, chatbots have proven to be a smart tool worth investing in. 

Now, they can even help you remember your consumer’s preferences or calendar events. With developments like Machine Learning (ML), chatbots will reform our digital marketing tools as it grows to be more intelligent. 

Visual recognition can be handy in digital marketing

Facebook had already optimised AI in Facebook Marketplace, with auto-suggesting categories or prices upon a photo upload of a specific item. Auto-tagging can be a thing of the future too for Facebook.

Through this new acquisition, we could be looking at a situation where their Marketplace can detect items and display prices automatically from user’s posts.  Consequently, this eliminates cursory searches or having to link your product items (e.g. in Instagram) into photos.

Furthermore, Facebook will continue to optimise their facial recognition feature to streamline targeting and advertising content for individuals. Hence, marketing strategies can be crafted into more focused solutions for businesses to earn profits and see a greater increase in revenue.


Wrapping Up

AI will continue to grow across all industries, and even more so in digital marketing. As a result, the challenge moving forward would be for businesses to utilise AI effectively.

Contact digital marketing specialists to find out how to keep up with the current trends and utilise effective tools for your brand.  With our expertise and knowledge, we will be able help you create the right campaigns that will match your brand.

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