How Brands Celebrated Father’s Day On Social In 2019

Father’s Day is one of the many opportunities for brands to flex their creative brilliance, and many brands often tie in this celebration of all fathers with their social media marketing plans. As a social media marketing agency ourselves, we were impressed by some of their social campaigns and posts. Social media is one of the best channels to connect with your audience, which is why your content matters.

Want to make an impact with your social media content? Kickstart your brainstorm session by taking notes from 3 of our favourite Father’s Day social posts this year.

Shopee: Dad Jokes

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Dad jokes will never go out of style and are especially popular among social media users nowadays.

A week ahead of Father’s Day, Shopee pulled out their best dad jokes for children to include in letters for their fathers. Accompanied by attractive visuals, their series of puns garnered more than 600 likes on Instagram.

Learning Point:

Their post worked well because its content is aligned with the audience’s needs (a Father’s Day gift) for the festivities. Tailoring their content to suit the holiday was an effective way to boost engagement with their audience.

To capitalise on the power of social media, your content needs to be relatable and relevant to your audience. By keeping on top of social media trends and actively listening to social conversations, you’ll be able to find out the kind of content that your audience likes.

Budweiser: Fathers Who Stepped Up

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Not all families are the same, and this was something Budweiser kept in mind for their recent social campaign.

Budweiser’s short film shined an unexpected light on an often-overlooked father figure – stepfathers. The video highlighted tear-jerking stories of three children who surprised their stepfathers by asking to be legally adopted.

The beer brand also promised to donate $1 for every story shared on social media about a father who stepped up. The proceeds – capped at $10,000 – will go to the Stepfamily Foundation, which supports blended families.

Their video has since racked up over three million views, with hundreds of commenters detailing heartfelt stories about their fathers.

Budweiser’s campaign pulled at our heartstrings and connected with us deeply. The video’s topic hit close to home for many, and that’s why it was such a success.

Learning Point:

Impactful, touching and real stories can create an emotional connection with your audience. But before you start a social media campaign, you need to think of your target audience. Overselling your brand will not win them over.

Instead of promoting their products aggressively, their product placements were subtle and did not outshine the video’s key message.

Their donation pledge was also a great move to show their audience that they care about their lives. By showing that you care about your audience, you can build up people’s trust and belief in your brand.

Rather, do more research find out their needs and pain points. After all, you can only engage them when you understand what they care about.

If you want an equally amazing social media campaign, contact a social media management company to take on the challenge.

Durex: ‘Just Another Day’

Taken from Marketing Interactive

Durex leveraged on Father’s Day to draw attention to their products in a clever manner. The brand published an interesting Facebook post to wish their followers a happy “just another day”.

The post received seven thousand over likes, indicating that people got the underlying message that Durex ensures safe sex and prevents unwanted pregnancies. Their caption was simple, yet witty and easy to understand.

Learning Point:

The learning point from their approach is to set social media objectives that tie in with your overall brand goals. By understanding how social media can drive your business, you’ll be able to create appropriate content and maximise your results.

Social Media Marketing For Festivities

Holiday posts are a valuable addition to your social media content calendar. As they are timely and relevant, people will definitely relate to them.

Leveraging on festivities also makes it easier to appeal to the communities celebrating them, which makes it the perfect content to boost the engagement on your page. 

If you craft a post that reminds them what’s truly important during the holidays, you’ll be able to touch their hearts.

Now that you have seen our favourite Father’s Day social content, why not start planning your own social media marketing campaign? To get your creative juices flowing, you can contact a social media agency today.

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