Paid Media

Google Adwords
Tired of getting unqualified leads that wastes your valuable resources and advertising dollars? By allocating a fraction of your media spend on Search Ads or on Google Display Networks, witness higher conversion rates, qualified leads and site engagement. From the planning of the paid media strategy to evaluation methods, our team of digital strategists are adept to craft bespoke campaigns to fit to your every goal.
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Search Networks | Where words speak louder.
In a competitive online space, selection of the correct keywords play a pivotal role in a search campaign’s success. 
Google’s paid advertising tool is popular and powerful for companies who wants to reach their audiences effectively at a managed cost, with immediate results. Why pay to reach someone who’s not interested in your product or service? With our Google Adwords management service, we’ll target people that are already looking for what you are ready to offer.
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Google Display Networks (GDN) | Create. Animate. Captivate.
Create lasting, impressionable messaging to your audiences using strong visual imageries and motion graphics. 
Register buzz for your latest addition in your product line with banner advertisements to capture your target audience through Google Display Network. Using Pay Per Click bid strategy to specific audiences, GDN has been quite the rave among business owners seeking to showcase products with strong visuals to capture the attention of its prospects. If words are powerful modes of communication, much less imageries!
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Youtube Marketing | Get noticed.
With over 1.3million active users and 30 million visitors daily, Youtube is undeniably an influential platform to advertise your content. Get higher traction with your targeted audience with Youtube Marketing. Plan for thematic content, series-style content or perhaps even short intent focused content to be your asset. Already have those? That’s better, we’ll optimise the advertising for you to reach your audiences in the most effective fashion.
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Content Marketing | Create. Publish. Disseminate.
We plan, craft and execute content marketing efforts that translates to improved ROIs. 
Reaching a content stalemate for your website? Unsure how to market a piece of article you just wrote? Let our content strategists device the best ways to get the most out of your content. Leverage on our expertise to plan and strategise the idyllic content marketing plan for your company.
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