The Brand

Dubbed as the preferred oatmeal brand globally, Captain Oats has wildly shaken the industry with its premium quality oats since its establishment in 1965. Captain Oats is an internationally renowned brand that actively works on its R&D programs to encourage healthy living among its customers and allowing global communities to enjoy the best of everyday life, with optimal nutrient preservation through their proprietary OatiFresh™ Process.

The Solution

Now, who says healthy living means you got to be boring? We didn’t think so!  To inject life and vigour into the brand, I Concept undertook the web revamp challenge and fused creative interactive elements like the iconic Oat character and GIFs emplaced across the website strategically. We upheld the corporate colours and integrated them seamlessly into the website, giving it a structured yet funky look. If you aren’t inspired to #eatclean already, we are!