Step-by-Step Guide to Creating A Facebook Business Page

Step 1
1. Visit to kickstart the process of creating your Facebook’s Business Page.

Step 2
1. Enter in your Page Name.

2. What is the nature of your business? (e.g. Legal, Hotel, Food & Beverage, Horticulture, Consultancy Services, Real Estate).

Step 3
1. Key in your business firm’s address (where you’d like clients to visit if you have a physical office space or showroom)

Step 4
1. Add in a profile picture. (This will appear in the thumbnail shot when you share a post on your timeline).

Step 5
1. Upload a cover photo (Don’t be afraid to include text as well, although we recommend them to be minimal).

Step 6
1. You’re done! To increase traffic, you might want to invite your contacts to like and follow your page so that they might get updates on your organisation’s postings and happenings.

Step 7
1. Start posting on your timeline and “Write a Post”!