The Best of Digital Marketing Efforts in 2018

The year 2018 has been a crazy ride for digital marketing all around, from Facebook being interrogated at Congress to data leaks at Google, there were no short of headlines.

However, there were also amazing happenings throughout this year, such as amazing digital marketing campaigns. As a professional digital marketing agency ourselves, it’s only fitting that we look at some of the best for this industry in 2018.

In no order of merit, starting off with…

Tide: Everything’s A Tide Ad

Tide had a crazy 2018 because of the Tide Pod challenge, but they bounced back well with an awesome Superbowl advertisement. By recreating the cliches in Superbowl ads, they linked it to their brand with a resounding key message: “If it is clean, it’s got to be Tide.”

The efforts to recreate iconic ads and creating the link was deserving of standing ovations from the industry itself. With a simple hook, they delivered their key message and left a lasting impression of all their viewers.

Learning Point: Link your brands to the ordinary within your key message.

American Express: ION Orchard VIP Spree Game

In support of their ION Orchard VIP Sweepstakes, American Express launched an interactive game to drive footfall within ION Orchard and give out Grab Promo Codes. Using the visuals of the Sweepstakes, the game inspired Card Members to scan QR codes in ION Orchard, and envisioned themselves winning the sweepstakes.

Card Members had to collect various luxury items to reach a target score and win the Grab Promo Code. During the 2 months the game launched, the promo codes ran out quickly within the 1st half of each month.

Learning Points: For any supporting campaigns, tie in your visuals and game mechanics well with the overarching theme.

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McDonald Singapore: Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, our Muslim friends have to fast, going without food and drink from sunrise to sunset. With that knowledge in mind, McDonald delivered a feel-good advertisement that celebrated the spirit of Ramadan. The video was on-point in showing a daily routine of a Muslim delivery rider during Ramadan and showcased their product, Happy Sharing Box, with the message: Share The Spirit of Ramadan.

The production showed clear cultural knowledge and sensitivity for Muslims in Singapore and their Muslim employees. Because of that, it touched the hearts of Singaporeans everywhere and generated positive reactions all around.

Learning Point: Make an effort to learn about the different cultures before creating a festive advert to celebrate it.

Lego: Imagine & Build The Future

Taken from Design Boom

Children often play with their toys using their imaginations, especially with the globally recognised Lego bricks. In the same school of thought, Lego showed how their toys broaden imagination.

From the recreation of the famous King Kong scene in the living room to the child’s envisioning of the career of a fire-fighter, Lego pushed the boundaries of creativity in these static visuals. In the world of GIFs and short videos, it was a refreshing change of pace to have impactful static visuals that deliver a great message.

Learning Point: Know how your products/services are being used and show their value proposition in creative ways.


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