Video Production

When it comes to motion pictures and visual storytelling, you know we’ve got you covered.

We make moving images to move people—it’s as simple as that.

To Identify

We identify opportunities in your brand’s customer journey to achieve defined objectives and success.

To Create

Our creativity on the various platforms is supported by audience, brand and market research.

To Produce

Our meticulous planning drives cost and time efficiencies, while giving us the ability to react to trends and topical opportunities.

To Measure

We maximise media spend by determining ROI beyond statistics that measure engagement and views.

Our Approach


Ideas are a dime a dozen, we infuse imagination and creativity to further develop our concepts and come up with a relatable and efficient original one for your video. 


At the heart of every great videp is a good idea and a well crafted script. After that, it’s all about conveying your message clearly and concisely by illustrating visual elements in art development and the action through the storyboard.


This is when our kick-start meeting is initiated and we discuss everything right down to the details. Once you’ve decided on a concept you love, our team starts the storyboarding process while simultaneously finding the right locations and talents needed to produce the perfect video.


Whether it’s a promotional video or a step-by-step guide, every project undertaken by us begins with a story sets itself apart as compelling, unique and insightful. Our content strategists breathe life into your vision and create a masterpiece that can live on as a legacy for your brand.

Video Shooting

This is where the Creative Directors and Producers bring your story to the screen and everything from the equipment, lighting, make-up and wardrobe will be handled. Everything runs like clockwork on the shooting day, so we have the best material to work with during Post-Production.


We will go through tons of footage and add that magical final touch according to the storyboard, leaving no stone unturned, and you’ll be able to go through every revision to give feedback and request alterations. As soon as everything’s approved, we’ll wrap and deliver it in the formats that you need.

I Concept is one of the top creative agencies in Malaysia that can develop and produce quality video strategies. Capture the attention of your audience with an effective video strategy today!

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