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Hi, I'm looking to enhance corporate identity and brand awareness for a/an corporate website with a budget RM 65k - 80k.

I'm more than ready, please contact me now!




Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM)



After many years, CAAM was ready for a new website to reflect its brand vision – to be the world’s leading aviation authority. Our objective was to build trust by presenting a contemporary perspective of the agency, elevating the main focus the agency had always been known for. Our design elements and CAAM’s business goals spoke with one clear voice. We also introduced the CAAM Virtual Agent to facilitate users’ needs better, including downloading documents from its huge library of content.

Homepage Preview
Automated Chatbot Service
2-Tier Org Chart Simplifies Complexity
Sticky Nav, Auto-Scroll Content
Immersive Info Interface
Engage Deeper: Recommended Resources
Accessibility for All


Eye-catching call-to-action button designed with “the plane” branding element variations, encouraging user engagement.

Automated Chatbot Service

An interactive chatbot offers automated customer service with personalized replies in various formats, accessible via text or pre-selected options.

2-Tier Org Chart Simplifies Complexity

Attribution of 2-tier org chart simplifies complex structure, providing clear visual of hierarchy and management levels.

Sticky Nav, Auto-Scroll Content

User-friendly sticky 3rd level navigation panel for easy access to content, aided by auto-scroll down to the respective section.

Immersive Info Interface

Explore critical information seamlessly with an immersive, elegant interface that integrates smoothly with content, enhancing browsing experience.

Engage Deeper: Recommended Resources

To prevent premature exits, selected pages end with curated resources for further engagement, promoting deeper understanding.

Accessibility for All

Accessibility options promote inclusivity: font size and background color adjustments ensure all users can engage with website content.

Mobile Responsive Design