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Corporate Website

eCommerce Website

Video Production

Marketplace Portal

Customised System

Annual Report

Digital Marketing


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Enhance corporate identity and brand awareness

Improve user experience & web features

Implement new marketing strategy

Corporate Video

Promotional Corporate Video

Online Commercial

Training Video

Recruitment Video

Product Launch Video

Consumer Testimonials

Corporate Documentary / Behind the Scenes






Director's interview

Drive traffic

Increase sales

Increase brand value

Increase social engagement

Increase sales leads

Increase subscribers


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What is your overall budget?

Approximate Budget

RM 50k - 65k

RM 65k - 80k

RM 80k - 95k

RM 95k - 110k

More than RM 110k

RM 50k - 75k

RM 75k - 90k

RM 90k - 105k

RM 105k - 130k

More than RM 130k

RM 100k - 125k

RM 125k - 150k

RM 150k - 175k

RM 175k - 200k

More than RM 200k

RM 30k - 60k

RM 60k - 100k

RM 100k - 150k

More than RM150k

RM 100k - 125k

RM 125k - 150k

RM 150k - 175k

RM 175k - 200k

More than RM200k

RM 50k - 100k

RM 100k - 150k

RM 150k - 200k

More than RM200k

RM10k - 15k per month

RM15k - 20k per month

RM20k - 25k per month

RM25k - 30k per month

More than RM30k per month

I'm not sure yet
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I'm still exploring and doing some research

I'm comparing quotes before engaging anyone

I'm more than ready, please contact me now!

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Hi, I'm looking to enhance corporate identity and brand awareness for a/an corporate website with a budget RM 65k - 80k.

I'm more than ready, please contact me now!




FGV Holdings Berhad



Our task was to rebrand, taking personalisation efforts to the next level in order to further drive up consumer engagement as the big idea is about empowering communities and connecting people. Moving away from illustrations to portray a more corporate identity, all images are actual photoshoots – giving every customer a more personal touch.

Homepage Preview
Dynamic Splash Page
Interactive World Map
Sticky Navigation Panel
News Alert Button
Dynamic Announcement Panel
Engaging Infographics
Vertical Filter for Easy Navigation
Engaging Navigation Page

Dynamic Splash Page

Dynamic splash page captures audience attention and elevates brand story, establishing a memorable brand identity.

Interactive World Map

The interactive world map showcases company assets in 3 tiers, elevating the global presence and enhancing brand visibility and competitiveness.

Sticky Navigation Panel

Sticky secondary navigation panel on all pages allows seamless switching, providing easy access for users even after scrolling down.

News Alert Button

Easily access important company updates via sticky button at bottom-right. Dot-bouncing effect entices users to check for latest update.

Dynamic Announcement Panel

The announcement panel seamlessly blends with website design, accommodating multiple announcements without disrupting layout.


Engaging Infographics

Visually appealing infographics improve user engagement and understanding by presenting informative content in a user-friendly manner.

Vertical Filter for Easy Navigation

Sticky vertical filter simplifies content digestion, empowers users to efficiently filter by year on website page.

Engaging Navigation Page

Streamlined navigation page with a subtle activation effect enhances user focus and engagement with website conten

Mobile Responsive Design