Here’s Why You Need A Digital Annual Report NOW

For any forms of communication and aspects of businesses, it is important to look for constant ways to improve it. This set of principles apply to annual reports as well.

While there are always new ways to design an annual report, an overlooked execution is the digital annual report. A digital annual report refers to an annual report in a microsite form, not just a PDF file.  

The digital annual report is not new by any standards, but it is underutilised. There seems to be an unnecessary barrier when all you need is a professional digital team capable of both design and programming.

To push for digitalisation for annual report designs, here are 4 reasons for you to think about creating a digital annual report:

Be Environmentally Friendly

The world is going crazy over the environment, and that same energy is pushing for sustainable business practices. While there is no abundance in environmentally friendly business models, a digital annual report pushes your company closer to the clean and green model.

This practice will not only push your image in the public’s perception, but it also cut cost in distributing the usual paper and ink formats in bulk. A win-win situation for your brand.

Up Your Search Engine Optimisation Game

A PDF file is more environmentally friendly, but it also boosts your SEO as well. With a completely digitalised annual report, you are able to input focused keywords into the microsite for the annual report in various elements, improving your brand’s SEO score tenfolds.

By increasing your SEO ranking with a digital annual report, it helps to boost your various communication efforts and make your brand more discoverable to the masses. If you still can’t see the rationale behind improving your SEO, here’s why SEO is extremely vital for your business.

Interactivity Is The New Norm

A PDF file is often a static file, with only possibilities of adding outbound links. On the other hand, a digital annual report can include various animations, interactions and CTA buttons within it.

In case, you didn’t know interactivity is the norm, not just a trend anymore.

Interactivity holds your audience’s attention better for longer periods of time, especially for all the important aspects of the report. This pushes your carefully designed messages to be read and absorbed by them as well.

Better User Experience (UX), Happier Investors

A good UX design is important for your business. It provides for a more positive first-impression for the audience, which a digital annual report caters for a wider range of experiences to create just that.

By including animations, short videos and creative graphics, a digital annual report will provide a better explanation and a more concise key message for your audience, leaving a lasting favourable impression.

For instance, check out Maybank’s digital annual report to see the difference.


While a digital annual report requires a higher skill level to craft, it yields benefits exponentially in these important ways. There’s no better time to think about going digital for your annual report than today.

Need to know the basics for annual report design? Here’s an ultimate guide for annual report design tailored with you in mind.

Speak to our committed team if you are in the market for something more exciting and creative. We’re ready to take on your brand and push your annual reports to the next level.

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