What a Digital Annual Report Can Do For You

As the financial year wraps up, you find yourself scurrying to put together an annual report that will please both your stakeholders and potential investors. If the numbers and data don’t intimidate you, the curation of content and presentation certainly will. This is where digital annual reports being introduced, to help you eliminate your worries and burdens.

So if you’re hesitant on why you need digital annual reports, here are 3 things that a digital annual report can do for you: 

Optimise your Digital Annual Report as a Marketing Tool

Of course, social media and email marketing are great for marketing purposes. But if you’re looking to increase exposure and readership, a digital annual report can become your next marketing tool.

Link your report to an analytics tool and track engagement swiftly. If you have milestones worth boasting, your potential clients and partners want to see it. In an instant, the reach of your report can spread up to millions of people within the digital space.

You can also identify the pages garner the most traction to enhance your next report and better target your audience. The insights gained from a digital report far surpasses its traditional counterpart. If the creative and development aspects worry you, we are here to help.

Improve Your Brand’s Digital Presence (SEO) with Your Annual Report 

Through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we are looking to include the right keywords to aid your SEO rankings. This is how potential clients or partners would find you, by searching the words that are associated with your brand or organisation. As Google algorithms change from time to time and it is vital that your SEO is constantly updated.

This is where the digital annual report surpasses the traditional annual reports. As your annual report will definitely have important keywords used in the right context, it gives you a boost in your SEO by allowing you to have industry-specific keywords used in the right context. As a result, this increases the SEO rankings of your website and accentuates the discoverability of your brand.

Shareability is essential for your digital annual report, but its reach is just as important. 

Illustrate Your Brand’s Growth With Design

Let’s face it – visuals elicit emotion. Design goes beyond being appealing and is important to have good design incorporated in any aspect of your business. So if your report is more than static images and words, chances are that people will keep reading your report.

Boring numbers and qualitative results can be turned into interesting infographics and even made interactive to increase engagement. More than just reading your report, you want readers to engage with it. Be it downloading your report or engage with your brand or service, follow-up action is rather ideal. A digital annual report is able to achieve this with innovative graphics and presentation in your report.


Wrapping Up

Printing out your annual reports not only requires a lot of time, but it also comes with an additional cost. A huge one at that. A digital report can help to conserve time and be cost-efficient at the same time.

Hence if you’re looking to streamline the process of creating a cohesive report and demonstrate your organisation’s progress for the year, contact a dedicated team who can aid in enhancing how your clients or partners view you.

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