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Why Web Copywriting Is Hard and How to Fix It

5 November 2018

3 mins read

An article for the scared, confused and clueless

Copywriting: this underrated part of web design has the power to take your website to the next level or ruin it. The rise of the value in consumer journeys has made website design incredibly important here – where the smallest error can chase your web traffic away. As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore and Malaysia, we’re going to share some insights to clear up the confusion.

Visual – content harmony

The rule of thumb is that harmony between visuals and copy must be present throughout the website. You can’t say you’re an industry thought leader and have your visuals look cheap or second rate.

Whatever you want to say about your brand has got to be reflected in both your copy and visuals, ideally in a beautiful synergy of information, images and creativity.

Align Buyer Persona and Messages with emotion

As Sun Tzu once said: ‘Know yourself and the enemy and you will always win’. By aligning copy, calls to action and emotional triggers with the appropriate buyer persona and the specific stage of the consumer journey, prospects are much more likely to consume the content and perform the action.

This is more effective when you appeal to emotion and put yourself as a solution to a problem only you can solve. With this, you’ll win the conversion battle and keep them coming for more.

Get to the point

…Or the message will get lost. Most engaging web designs focus on interactive websites with short and sweet copies. If you can’t sum up your ‘values’ in 4 lines or your ‘about us’ in a paragraph, you’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

Here are some of our favourite websites showing just how effective short, succinct copies make the most impressionable impact – and how the visuals accentuate them too.



After all, skimming is in and looks like it’s here to stay with our notoriously short attention spans.

Keep it creative

We are at your website to find out about what you can do us, your services and your experience, please make this fact hunt easy and fun. And this advice is for everyone!

No one cares what industry you’re in, we want to see something new and interesting or we’ll find someone who can. Whether you do e-commerce or run consultancy services, show us who you view yourself to be, fun or strong? You tell us.

Proofread your content

Again, and again and again. If you can’t fix your copy, how are you going to fix our problem? Grammar and spelling have never been more important, nothing undermines you more than a misspelling or a grammatical error. And hey, if you’ve read it for the 20 000th times and feel convinced, you’ve probably found your best voice.

Change it up

Just because it worked 5 years ago doesn’t mean it works now. Like your firm, your website design and the copy must be innovative to move forward. Don’t be afraid to try something new, it’ll keep your website up to date and engaging. Besides, fortune favours the bold.

But most importantly, never forget that there’s no shame in calling in the experts with the big guns to design your website. Contact us now and we’ll gladly help you with your web design woes!

Table of Contents

Visual – content harmony

Align Buyer Persona and Messages with emotion

Get to the point

Keep it creative

Proofread your content

Change it up

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