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5 Christmas Campaigns You Should Learn From

24 December 2018

3 mins read

As the holiday season approaches, we all want to do something special and reward the customers and clients that stuck with us throughout the year in our digital marketing campaigns.

By having a creative Christmas campaign, you can end the year on a good note and leave a lasting impression heading into the next year. In fact, there are many ways to do it.

With so many brands competing to do the same, it might be difficult to create one that stands out from the rest. During this season of giving, we have decided to lend a hand and give you some of the best Christmas campaigns that you can learn from:

Waitrose & Partners: #TooGoodToWait

Combining the spirit Christmas with a small exaggeration, Waitrose & Partners released comedic shorts that spread some holiday joys recently. Through impatience for good things, they portrayed their products as something to rush for. The ending saw people rushing off for them delicious goodies. Save some for us too!

Learning Point: Use a simple mechanic and simple link to the current festivities.

Air Canda: #ACGiftOfHome

Everyone wants to go home for the holidays, but that does not always happen for some of us. Getting stuck abroad for various reason is tough, so some often look for a taste of that homely festive spirit. In 2014, Air Canada took aim at these homesick individuals in an overseas Maple Leaf bar and find out why they were not back home in Canada. After listening to all their stories, the staffs announced a free round-trip and brought tears of joy to all of them.

Learning Point: Know where your audience is and understand their needs.

Greenpeace: Rang-tan

This ad was taken off TV for its political nature after airing for a short while, but not before it changed some hearts and induce some tears. This short video showed the disastrous consequences of deforestation on endangered animals in a poem recitation within an animated short. The ban only brought more media attention and eyeballs to the issue and created a bigger impact.

Learning Point: Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries for a good cause.

WestJet: Real-Time Giving

Another airline to make the list, this is another throwback to 2013 that featured a dedicated team and a customer-focused campaign. Through a live broadcast and trickery, the team got to learn of all their passengers’ wishlist (ranging from big-screen TVs to new socks & underwears) and rushed to get everything for them before they touched down. You can imagine (or watch) their reactions as their wishlist appear in front of their eyes at baggage claim.

Learning Point: If you are willing to put the effort of your customers, people will notice it.

Tesco: However You Do Christmas

In an era that is focused on the differences that separate us, Tesco celebrated diversity this festive season in their Christmas short. With a focus on the different ways that people celebrate the holidays, Tesco delivered the message, “Everyone’s Welcomed”. In a fast-paced video, they displayed their branding in catering to the diverse masses.

Learning Point: Deliver a strong message in line with the current trends.


And there you have it, 5 great Christmas campaigns to learn from. If you are still stuck, get a creative digital agency to push your holiday campaigns to the next level.


Happy Holidays!

Table of Contents

Waitrose & Partners: #TooGoodToWait

Air Canda: #ACGiftOfHome

Greenpeace: Rang-tan

WestJet: Real-Time Giving

Tesco: However You Do Christmas

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