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5 Ways To Make Your Brand Crazy, Rich & Asian Like In The Movies

Think the box-office Crazy Rich Asians is sending the world into a frenzy? Well, good branding can, too! When the movie hit the shores of US, it smashed records for romantic-comedies in recent times. By the time Crazy Rich Asians premiered in Singapore, it was already generating hype for its unique setting and cast. One thing’s for sure, we all can agree that Newton Food Centre does not have the best satay in Singapore. 

Based on a book written by Kevin Kwan, it depicts the story of a group of rich Asians in the setting of a grand wedding with dramatic twists and turns.

Crazy Rich Asians is a trailblazer in its cast and setting and received significant success in a predominantly Caucasian men industry.

But what has the success of a locally filmed movie got to do with your brand?

Ready to learn it all? Then Action!

Don’t limit your brand

Focusing on the context of your target audience is important, but you don’t have to compromise on global branding.

Using a general concept of elitism and drama, Crazy Rich Asians managed to tap into the US market without relying on a Caucasian lead or predominantly white cast.

Despite featuring an Asian cast, they never limited themselves to an Asian audience in their production and advertising of the film.

Similarly, your brand should anchor on a key idea that reaches out to a global audience.

Get the right cast

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The cast mattered.

While an all-Asian cast in an English film was a fresh take in Hollywood, their choices were critical in their success.

Constance Wu was coming off successful performances in the TV Hit ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ and her success definitely played a huge role.

Your brand should do the same. Get the right people to represent your brand. And that includes hiring the best employees for your company.

Be it influencers, ambassadors and casting for your ads, using the right people can generate the right kind of publicity that your brand needs.

Not Eden Ang fosho.

Tell a story

Crazy Rich Asians is adapted from a story and it’s success originated from the best-selling novel itself.

This is a clear indication of why storytelling is good for brands.

In the current social media environment, brands have to tell and adapt interesting storylines to capture the attention of the consumers and keep them engaged with you.

If you are looking to transform your brand using a good story, you should seek an experienced digital agency to do so.

Acknowledge and move on from mistakes

Mistakes are bad, but it shouldn’t define your brand – if you don’t let it.

When Crazy Rich Asians took the red carpet in the US, there were a couple of copywriting errors (in the form of typos).

Despite that, they recovered nicely in the box office after releasing an apology statement.

A rather convincing model for brands on how to handle a minor mistake.

Apologise, don’t dwell on it and move on.

Diversity is getting more coverage
If you have not realised, diversity is slowly becoming a source of coverage.

Only when done right.

The recent successful films, such as Wonder Woman, Black Panther and Get Out, have focused on minorities or under-represented members of society beyond the traditionally ‘all-white’ casts featuring male leads.

Not only is it becoming more appealing for media to cover it, it also taps into bigger markets as well.

This is the best time for brands to get into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and ride on this wave by focusing it on empowering minorities.

And… CUT! That’s a wrap!

Inspired to make your brand crazy and rich? Look no further, engage an energetic team that is willing to help you with that… without all the drama!

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