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6 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Improve Your Brand

11 September 2018

3 mins read

Because the only way to get there, is to get word out there.

We know social media marketing is all the rage right now, so we’ve picked the best digital marketing advice for you to get a kickstart. If you’re not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at least, we don’t know why you’re not doing it. But we’ll tell you why you should – and there’s no turning back from there.

Paves way for branded interactions

Who are you? What is your purpose? How did you come to be? We all want to know! A compelling brand story can increase engagement and interest, and social media is the way to go. Why stick to websites when your audience is all over social media, sifting through content to find ones that resonate with them? Take household F&B brand Eighteen Chefs for example, Chef Benny Se Teo has branded his name so well that Eighteen Chefs is almost synonymous with him! While his brand story has touched many of us, his fine palate is undeniably good, too. Check out his latest food adventure that culminates in the opening of The Meathouse at Century Square. And it’s halal too.

Engage and understand your audience

You made it onto a social media platform… now what? Between facebook events, Instagram stories and Twitter, there are so many ways to reach out and engage your target audience! A special event or a live stream could snatch up interest and increase engagement with your brand. Who knows, there might be a few cheeky conversions thrown in there.

Increase brand awareness

Strong branding carries a strong message to your target audience, this increases reach, awareness and conversions of your brand. Firms that operate in different markets with different languages and cultures brand themselves accordingly. Social media is great for that as you can create different accounts for different regions and customise your messages as needed. Innisfree’s facebook pages are proof of the success of using social media in expanding your brand.

Stay top of mind among your customers

The elusive goal just got a bit closer. Most users log in multiple times a day, on more than one platform, and this is the perfect opportunity to connect to followers and stay relevant. Posting on social media allows you to promote yourself to your target audience directly and grow organically. By keeping it honest with a stream of consistent quality content, you’ll be top of mind in no time. If you ask us, we’ll say Hubspot’s got it right.

Opportunity for transparent crisis management

We all make mistakes don’t we. And companies, aren’t excluded from it. WIth social media, it can be a deal breaker or your saviour. Skyscanner’s error in layover calculation is a great example of turning a fiasco into an opportunity. 47 years for a layover might sound ridiculous, but it became a hilarious talking point all thanks to witty responses from the social media folks at Skyscanner.

Social media gives you your voice, tell them your side of the story, apologise. From there you can manage and control the crisis.

Or you can always pull a Skyscanner act and get that free publicity you’ve always dreamed of.

Allows for great service recovery

In true millennial fashion, the experience is central; demanding quick and simple customer service without the face to face interaction. The solution? Social media! Facebook messenger can be automated with prompts for users to select for customer service or just a general message about their issue. This can create faster and better customer service for everyone involved. Twitter is also good for customer service where they can either tweet or message you.

Are you a convert yet? If you aren’t sure, hit us up. We’ll be happy to offer some help in this area.

Table of Contents

Paves way for branded interactions

Engage and understand your audience

Increase brand awareness

Stay top of mind among your customers

Opportunity for transparent crisis management

Allows for great service recovery

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