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A Beginner’s Guide For Your Website SEO

Our rendition of A Dummy’s Guide to Search Engine Optimisation 

What is all this buzz about SEO? SEO simply stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” And these days, when you mention search engine – Google probably comes off as top of mind. And that’s a great place to start. Forget Yahoo Or Bing, it’s Google that you need to care about now. In a nutshell, SEO is the practice of optimising your website’s quality and credibility such that Google deems you as relevant and trustworthy – trustworthy enough for them to rank you, and suggest you to consumers who are searching for a specific term, on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

But how does Google decide which website should be ranked first? That’s the challenge. And Google crawl algorithms are always changing. So if any digital marketing agency ever told you, “We know SEO at the back of our hand..”, here’s an advice. Stay away! Because there really isn’t a fixed way for SEO – Google’s algorithms for crawling a website, changes faster than Justin Bieber’s relationship. 

There really isn’t a hard and fast rule for a successful SEO strategy. A strategy can work incredulously well and the next day the same strategy might cause your ranking to plunge. While this happened in the notorious 2016’s Possum Update – we are certain it can happen again. 

Here’s a little help from us to help you through understanding what Google crawl bots look for – and how to make your website SEO better.  

Do a SERP study  

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Perform a search query for the keywords that you want to rank for. Learn from the ones that are ranking – what are they doing right such that Google regards it as the most relevant to what the audience is searching for? The title, the content therein, the keywords – emulate the best practice and apply it for your company. They’re also probably your direct competitors! Rule of thumb – if it’s going right for those top companies, it won’t go wrong for yours. Just make yours better than your competitors.  

Subscribe to SEO Blogs  

Learn from the experts. SEO has been and still is admitted one of the hardest aspects of digital marketing for organisations to execute. If you’re new to the realm of SEO, we suggest subscribing to reputable SEO blogs like Search Engine Land to get a kickstart ahead of your competitors. A little tip from these thought leaders can help you a long way.  

Update Your Content Regularly  

The only way that tells Google that you’re a credible and trustworthy website, is really to update your content on the regular. By constantly adding fresh relevant content, you’re sending a signal to Google that you’re legit, that you’re a business owner seeking to provide relevant information to users that are searching for the kind of content that you are producing. Need help in writing great SEO-friendly content? We’re here to help!  

Fulfil User Intent 

Buzzfeed if you haven’t already know are thriving thanks to their clickbait headlines and constant stream of lifestyle content. Here’s the thing, it’s alright to do that if your clickbait headlines are truly a reflect of the content that is inside your landing page. Understanding and fulfilling user intent is critical. When a person searches for something, they have a desired outcome.  

A good SEO site structure with correct content helps to quickly provide users with their audience the content they desire in their preferred format.    

Link internally the pages within your website 

While this is part of an internal on-page optimisation, we can’t emphasise this enough. Linking internally not only helps your SEO, but it ensures that all your content sing the same tune – and they talk to each other seamlessly. Google needs to know what are your services. Get your calls to action right , get your navigation flow crystal clear, and voila!

Need a little help? Don’t shy away from the experts. Let us help your brand, today.

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