You Can Now Shop & Sell (More Easily) On Facebook!

In line with the trend of social media taking over our daily lives, Facebook has decided to take it another step further. They are currently in the midst of adding a shopping function, providing another way to take money from their users.

The function is paired with their Live feature, whereby users can directly purchase products during a Live broadcast.  

Why a shopping feature?

A shopping feature provides users with an additional feature, and brands another tool to market to their audiences. However, this is still in the test phase.

This change, amongst other additions to their arsenal, has come amidst a bad financial quarter for the tech giant, which also explains these changes. Facebook has lost some public trust in the past few months due to their various scandals and stagnant development.

To jump-start their growth, this is a welcomed feature for brands to obtain direct results (i.e.sales) and allow Facebook to earn revenue outside of their usual Newsfeed ads. This should help earn back the trusts of the investors and businesses currently on their platforms.

Furthermore, this also helps to bring traffic to their underutilised features, specifically Marketplace/Shop and Facebook Live.

So how do I use this effectively?

Set Up A Facebook Shop

Firstly, it will be effective to set-up a Facebook shop, while placing your products/services on this platform. This will ensure that there is a seamless experience when the consumers are purchasing them via Messenger.

Alternatively, there should be a strong landing page that streamlines the purchasing process if you wanna use external links.

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Add Facebook Live Into Your Plans

In order to maximise this feature, you have to incorporate Facebook’s Live feature in your digital marketing strategies. As this function is currently only available on Facebook Live, you have to use it effectively for this function to work for you.

Facebook Live is extremely effective for displaying the various features of your products/services directly to your consumers, which helps increase the credibility of your brand and product/service. It can also be utilised as a new form of creative content for your brand with a much stronger CTA.


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