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Ads We Like: October 2018

1 November 2018

2 mins read

A new look deserves a new series, and as a creative digital agency, we appreciate great ideas and concepts.

In this series, we will feature exceptional and creative concepts monthly that could serve as inspiration for your digital marketing plans.

Whether it is newsjacking, good creatives or even smart copywriting, the essence of it lies in its creative strategy.


IKEA’s marketing team has always impressed with up-to-date angles and smart creatives in their social media and it was no different for the recent month.

IKEA showed us two model examples of newsjacking done well in two separate social media ad.

Most of us have heard of the S-Hook Zeh Zeh, who went viral from selling a multi-functional shirt. But in case you haven’t:

This video got over 1.3 million views and she became an overnight Internet sensation.

Riding on this wave, IKEA created a corresponding visual promoting their hooks.

Taken from IKEA Facebook Page

On a separate note, a man stole a bus stop bench in Singapore for home renovation purposes and was subsequently caught.

The news caught public attention not just for the absurdity of the crime, but also for the expensive value of the bench at $1,500.

In similar fashion, IKEA released this gem of an ad:

Taken from IKEA Facebook

It even caught the attention of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), which sparked a mini ‘ad war’.

Through diligent work to keep up with current trends, IKEA managed to create two relevant and creative ad using newsjacking, simple visuals and smart copywriting.


Google has been a technological force to be reckoned with, and that applies to the digital marketing industry as well.

However, ad content was not something the audience associate with Google, which did not stop them from launching a decent campaign for their newly-released Pixel 3.

Using the struggles of group pictures and mistimed camera shots, the ads showcased the camera features of Pixel 3 in a different light.

Google managed to create a series of ads that managed to portray simple features in a different and relatable way.


When Apple released the iPhone XS last month, the exorbitant cost dominated the headlines.

As a result, there were many parodies made on this launch like the one below:

With a similar angle, Skyscanner offered their services as an alternative to the purchase of the new iPhone XS.

Taken from Skyscanner Facebook

Although they received mixed reviews from their consumers, they managed the comments section commendably with positive and creative replies to turn most of their negative comments into a positive outcome.

Want to create innovative campaigns like these? We know a creative digital team perfect for this.

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