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4 Best eCommerce Website Designs That’ll Get You to ‘Add to Cart’

Just when you think you’ve succeeded avoiding that pesky ‘Add to Cart’ prompt hovering out of the corner of your eye – you find yourself getting a 2FA message for “accidental shopping”. We all know that it’s more than the lures of a great product – it’s a wholesome experience coupled with a great website design, simple navigation and ease of use.

And with the eCommerce scene growing 4x faster than in-store retail, the massive influx of online retailers make for a highly competitive environment for brands of varying sizes.

So to give you a head start and get those gears running, we’ve a list of great eCommerce website designs that’ll get you inspired and browsin’!

  1. LOQ

Like what you see? Then click away,” is all this website needs to say.

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LOQ is the sophisticated brainchild of Karen Longkumer and Valerie Quant, a women’s footwear brand that aspires to redefine the classics for modern day women.

And chic comfort is what LOQ’s all about – with its minimalist layout of wordless, colourful visuals that feature their products and its simple, to-the-point navigation bar, LOQ’s design speaks for their brand in a style that’s no-frill-but-chill.

Which is what makes this brand so brilliant. They know their brand’s purpose and market it well, reaching their target market with a clear message as to what they’re selling.

That’s how they got us to stay and browse anyway.

2. 1-OK CLUB

best ecommerce design 1oK BRAND websiteThis quirky website practices the saying, ‘what you see is what you get’.

Being a platform for bespoke, functional works, the 1-OK Club uses brightly coloured visuals to ensnare their visitors, getting them to move their cursor along the floating icon and before you know it – Surprise! You’re in their product gallery.

As kooky as this website looks, there’s something to say about their efficiency.

The stories of their eclectic, eccentric items are uncovered only when you choose to click on them, making user navigation feel more cleanly than your average ‘stuff-everything-in-a-single-page’ kind of website.

Remember, while the sky’s the limit and creativity is appreciated, one has to remember the fine balance between ‘abstract’ and ‘too much’.

Less is often more after all. And the best ecommerce websites are the ones that convert visitors to buyers.

3. Bold and Noble

If you’re a fan of handmade crafts that are aesthetic and unique, then Bold & Noble is the website to go to – plus, they make themselves abundantly clear:

“Print and patterns lovingly made from England.”

And that’s what it says on the tin.

Not only is their navigation bar clean and neat, they’ve got all the relevant information (product, pricing, information, etc) all on the first page without overwhelming the user with their numerous collections.

The takeaway from them is this: be considerate of your customers and learn to prioritise what information is the most relevant.

If your content in the 2000s your bread and butter, then spruce it up. But if you have new content in 2018, then you might want to think about replacing the ‘centrepiece’ of your eCommerce website.

4. Bea and Bow

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Here’s a bit of a disclaimer: we’re tooting our own horn, but for good reasons! We promise!

With soft pastels and luxurious looking baby products, Bea & Bow’s classy but fun aesthetic is what gets the user (read: us) suckered in at first.

See, their product catalogue is pretty on-the-nose – soon as you scroll down their webpage, you’d probably coo at the sleeping baby at the screen, then hone in on the actual message: ‘softest baby blankets.

That effective copywriting and straight-forward visual is what gets the message across to their intended audience, so that people know what they’re in for the first thing they click in to the website.

So, now that you’re inspired to create or improve your own website with these awesome examples, why not make the best out of your eCommerce website with designs specifically outfitted for your brand here?

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