6 Reasons Why Your Social Media Posts Aren’t Doing Well

The good, the bad and the ugly truth.

The challenge of doing something new is that there’s no guide to it. But don’t worry, as the best digital marketing agency in Singapore and Malaysia, we’re here with our don’ts and oh-please-don’ts to help you navigate the world of social media and improve your digital branding.


You’re there just to be there

If your audience isn’t there… why are you? Don’t waste precious time and resources on a platform that your audience doesn’t use. Instead, channel that energy into finding your audience and the social media platforms they use. If you’re B2B try LinkedIn, if you’re B2C try Facebook, take Browhaus for example, they’re on Instagram not LinkedIn.

Takeaway: If your audience isn’t there, neither should you.


You act like a big brand – you’re not

We’d all love to have the following big brands have, and copying them seems like the obvious way to build such a following. Unfortunately, just because Coke and Nike can do it, doesn’t mean we can. While they target engagement, most SMEs should be more strategic about their posts, aiming for stronger branding, growth and campaigns.

Takeaway: Aim lower for bigger returns.


You don’t have a call to action

The content is great, the copy is perfect, but nothing is happening. Maybe it’s because no one knows what to do with that amazing post. Sometimes people just need a little push in the right direction. Never underestimate the power of a simple ‘find out more’, and as the best Digital Marketing firm in Singapore and Malaysia, we don’t underestimate it.

Takeaway: Give a call to action and it’ll be answered.


You have content issues

Maybe you missed your target audience and couldn’t pivot, or maybe you just focused on quantity instead of quality. Fear not! We have the answer – quality content is the way to go! From social media copywriting to visual direction, let us help you achieve your goals and communicate your message. Spammy posts are one to avoid at all costs not only will it repel your audience but your posts may be ranked lower by the social media platform’s algorithms. Quality is key to conversions and building a brand, and with the right content, there’s no doubt that your sales will improve with social media

Takeaway: Quality work is worth more than quantity.


You over schedule your posts

It seems like a good idea at first, weekly posts on Wednesday and Saturday, it’s automated and you can’t miss a day right? Wrong. Overscheduling means you miss out on capitalising on any relevant trending topic, also known as newsjacking, thus missing out on more meaningful interactions.  Focus less on rigid scheduling and more on responding and reacting to current trending topics.

Takeaway: Schedule; but with more flexibility.


You’re not authentic enough

Authenticity is in and it’s not a fad! Authenticity not only makes your brand more relatable and increases engagement, but it also builds trust. Why buy from a brand you don’t trust? From poking fun at yourself to showing something behind the scenes, there are plenty of ways to build authenticity. Besides, Facebook algorithms like it too.

Takeaway: Be authentic and you’ll be fine.


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