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6 Tell-Tale Signs You Need a Website Revamp

Because if you don’t see it, people do.

  • “Please Wait While This Website Loads.”

When browsing a website, you’ve got a goal in mind: to get what you want, and fast.

But 3 seconds later, and the website isn’t loading fast enough for you to actually do anything; so you either give it a chance (by pressing on F5 or ‘⌘ + R’ to refresh the page), or you’re already itching to press that back button – if you haven’t already.

Usually, the site’s loading speed is hindered by a ton of problems; outdated codes, unoptimised images, a bad script pile going stale at the back-end of your website… listen, go to Google’s PageSpeed Insights and check your webpage’s speed both in desktop and mobile format. If your website takes longer than the 3 second rule, it’s time to revamp your website.

  • Your Website’s a Bouncy House That Launches People Away.

Your website isn’t, in fact, a bouncy house. For websites, a high bounce rate means your visitors aren’t staying past that one page where they landed. And across industries, that’s generally bad news. 

That also translates to low conversions, eventually. How do you convert someone who isn’t even interested in the story you tell?

Basically, if your site does not perform to your target audience’s expectations (bad design, less than optimal user experience, et cetera), it’s a huge turnoff. And people leave.

  • The World Is In Your Hands 

Chances are, you’re reading this article from your phone, or your tablet. (Got you there, didn’t we?)

Look, it’s no secret that the world’s gone mobile – there are even statistics that have forecasted the number of mobile users passing the five billion mark by 2019. And most of them have access to the Internet.  

So if your website isn’t designed to be mobile-responsive (i.e.: your website looks like a hot mess on a mobile screen and users can’t navigate in your website), you’re probably going to want to start thinking about getting responsive web design done pronto.

  • Your Brand Changes With Time, So Why Shouldn’t Your Website Do The Same?

While we’re on the subject of a possible Skynet Situation in the far future (Any Terminator fans out there?), let’s talk about your brand. Whether you’re an old hat in the business who’s seen their fair share of changes or a greenhorn just getting their bearings, your company’s going to need to adapt to keep up with the times.

And your website needs to do the same in order to stand out; content from the 2000s isn’t the same as content today – you’ve got new products, new rules, new content, a new government…Make your website relevant to your company’s image. Google pays close attention to your user’s intent when they visit your website. When your brand evolves, so does your website.

  • It Looks Ancient. Also, Flash Isn’t As Popular Today As You Thought It Was Yesterday.

Back in the early 2000s, Adobe Flash was the new ‘in’ thing to use in website design.

And no, we’re not throwing any shade at Adobe whatsoever – we’re just telling you that Flash doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Users are forced to install Flash plug-ins just to view your site’s content; which makes for poor user experience because it’s just another obstacle in their way when browsing your website. Worse still, it makes it difficult for search engines to get a hold on your site because it’s simply unreadable. Flash and SEO just aren’t the most harmonious marriages.

And it’s no surprise, because Flash may cease to to exist come the year of 2020.

  • The Ultimate Wake Up Call: It’s not listed on Google.

This right here’s the kicker: where in Google does your website rank? Or is it even? To rank, you got to ensure your website is indexed and crawlable by Google bots in the first place.

If you’re already scrolling past the first page and clicking on to the next one, you know it’s time to start looking into SEO marketing strategies that’ll get your website on the first page; else the only thing you’d be getting in your website is tumbleweed, because Google takes priority in finding what’s relevant and updated for its users.

And while word of mouth marketing can help, the vast majority of us Google almost everything, for everything and anything at all.

So to get yourself on Google’s good side, how about getting started with the top digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO-friendly web design?

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