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Here’s Why Nobody Cares About The Google+ Shut Down

25 October 2018

2 mins read

During this day and age, we are more likely to see digital services and social media sprouting from everywhere. But in an unlikely turn of events, Google announced the discontinuation of Google+, their foray into social media.

Google has been a force in the digital marketing industry. However, Google+ routinely faced issues and never took off. This tech giant has always pushed the boundaries of innovation, and as with all innovations, they are hit or miss.

So…Why Was Google+ A Miss???

The primary trigger was a bug that resulted in the leakage of up to 500,000 users’ information. However, there were other major underlying reasons that led to the eventual demise.

Initially primed as the competitor to Facebook, Google+ left much to be desired as it eventually settled as a watered-down carbon copy.

Having similar features to Facebook minus the user base and content, it was doomed because of the lack of a value proposition for users.

As a result, there was low user engagement on the platform, resulting in a bulk of their sessions ending in less than 5s.

What Can We Learn From This?
1. Protect Data

After Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica saga and this, it is obvious that the protection of user’s data is ever so paramount.

If your services require users’ data, ensure that you spend some resources into protecting them.

It shows that you value your consumers and at the same time, you avoid scandals like these.

2. Content is King

Regardless of the product or services that your brand provides, the critical element to marketing it is content.

Without engaging content, consumers would not be directed towards or spend much time on your brand, which would lead down the same path as Google+.

Need help with the creation of engaging content across multiple platforms? Here’s someone who can help.

3. Find Your Unique Selling Point

To come out ahead of the pack, you have to find your USP beyond smacking a new name on an old product.

While it’s fine to take inspiration from your competitors from time to time, it’s different from making a copy.

Discover an angle to make your brand stand out from the rest and you will have a much better chance of making it.

It could be top-notch consumer service, unique content or durable products. Whatever the case, you have to find one.

Once you do, ensure that you utilise them well with any new line of products or services you launch eventually.

With the proliferation of brands and companies, it is important to distinguish yourself from your competition to stay afloat and branding is ever so paramount.

Need branding or digital marketing that’s sustainable and effective? Drop us an enquiry. (:

Table of Contents

So…Why Was Google+ A Miss???

What Can We Learn From This?

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