4 Local ECommerce Brands With A Great Digital Marketing Strategy

Shout out to our local brands!

With all the hype surrounding big name international brands and their digital marketing strategies, we think it’s time to put our local heavy hitters in the spotlight. We may be a Little Red Dot but we still have massive creativity and talent!

Lazada and Ecommerce

This famous e commerce giant that doesn’t get enough credit, Lazada truly is a local master. It’s understanding of the local market created low prices fused harmoniously with everything we want, a fuss-free website and quick delivery!

But their true skill is in remarketing their products. Once you look at their site, their ads target you again hoping to entice you into spending that dollar.

LoveBonito and branding

Focused on providing modern, chic fashion and a consumer centric shopping experience, LoveBonito truly keeps it trendy. Branding itself as for women, by women, LoveBonito lives by their words and features their customers looks via their secondary instagram account iwearlovebonito. By encouraging user-generated content to feature, this not only drives engagement, but it creates a strong community that contributes to a growing brand loyalty.

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Image Credit: Unsplash 

Why does it matter?

As they look to further expand into foreign regions and break into the fast fashion e commerce markets, branding matters, particularly consumer engagement to build brand loyalty. With a strategy like that, how could they fail?

Skin Inc and Influencer marketing

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Image credits: SkinInc 

If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me. Beauty influencers have been around for a while now, but Skin inc took beauty influencers to the next level with their beauty hackathon. Inviting 10 international beauty influencers to Singapore to talk about their skincare needs and meet and greet their fans, Skin inc created a huge event. With big names like @ilikeweiyi, @frmheadtotoe, @pepperchocolate84, @Aurare and more showing up, Skin inc brought in the big players.

Not only does it increase their reach but it also shows that their customisable skin care is a fit for everyone. The best part? These influencers drove conversations centered around Skin Inc.

Ette Tea and Instagram

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Image Credit: Ette Tea Instagram 

A very new player to the local scene, Ette Tea is not afraid to show their home colours. Ette tea’s marketing strategy on instagram is surprisingly on point. From their mother’s day campaign ‘Call me Mother’, to featuring their local tea flavours in exotic yet aesthetic locations. Ette Tea’s marketing truly is as quirky as their tea.

Ette Tea uses Instagram as a visual extension of their website, showcasing their tea, tea workshops, and the custom tea they can make for brands. Just as Yunnan and Taiwan have their signature regional teas, Ette Tea seems determined to feature local food culture as Singapore’s regional tea. Mcdonalds may have the Nasi Lemak Burger, but Ette Tea has their Nasi Lemak tea. This isn’t limited to their home brand tea, they also created a Durian Lapis & Marina Pearl tea just for Renku Lounge by Marina Bay Sands, only available at Renku Lounge.

With all the tea, it seems they aren’t likely to spill it.

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